Docker Carpentry

This workshop will demonstrate how to use Docker, starting from the basic command to use Docker, and ending with the orchestration of OMERO, a complex multi-component application.


  1. You must have access to a running Docker server.
  2. This workshop has been tested with version XXX, but should work with most recent versions of Docker.
  3. You must create a Docker Hub account in advance of the workshop, and make a note of your username and password.

Ten Things You Need To Know

  1. Don’t panic.

Timings are extremely approximate.

They will be finalised nearer the time


Setup Download files required for the lesson
10:00 1. Introduction to Docker What is Docker?
10:10 2. Running Docker images How do you run an image?
How can you access it?
10:45 3. Creating new Docker images How can you create your own Docker image?
11:15 4. Morning Coffee Break
11:30 5. Run an OMERO client in Docker How do I create a Docker image for a complex application?
12:05 6. Storing data Docker volumes Why should I use Docker volumes?
Where can I store and access data?
12:35 7. Run OMERO.web in Docker How can I run OMERO.web in Docker
13:10 8. Lunch Break
14:10 9. Pulling and pushing to Docker Hub How do I publish my own images on Docker Hub?
14:35 10. Official OMERO images How do I run a multi-container application such as OMERO?
15:25 11. Afternoon Coffee Break
15:40 12. Orchestration with Docker Compose How can I manage applications with multiple components
16:20 13. Is docker web-scale? How much of what I have told you is wrong?
16:30 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.